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Instructions and Help about Form I-485

Today I'm gonna talk about the w-4 for 2022 the paper version I'm finally gonna do the paper version before I do the online version and stay to the end because if you're doing the paper version you're definitely missing out on reducing your overall tax liability and really controlling your taxes if this is your first time at our channel or you haven't subscribed click on the subscribe button at the bottom my name is Travis sickles certified financial planner with sickle under financial advisors after all this time I finally figured out how to get this to work on my iPad so we're gonna go through today and let's begin so this is the w-4 for 2022 now if you don't have it I'm gonna show you where the link is right here and you can just go to it it's IRS gov for slash Form w-4 and if you go there you can get yourself a copy of the w-4 and follow along now the directions here at the top give you a brief overview of how to fill out the w-4 but I do want to point out now at the very top of the first page are the directions on how to start and fill out the w-4 but I do want to point out that they make a reference to the online version the online calculator numerous times and there you have it the w-4 app it's right there it's right here and it is also right here as well probably somewhere else as well probably in a few other places I can find it maybe not but the w-4 the app is right there I highly recommend to do the app because it makes it so much simpler and it's why would you do to any other way but anyways let's go ahead and continue so the section down here is the only part the only portion that you're going to give to your employer in fact the IRS doesn't even get this page only your employer does and they're just going to take this information to make sure that they give it to payroll who is then going to process it and give you the correct withholdings it's all your basic information but we will come back and fill out sections five six and seven those are really the three main parts that we're going to fill out everything else here is just your information so let's go ahead and scroll down a little bit further now this is the page that you want to start with this is the personal allowances worksheet so what the personal allowances worksheet let's go ahead and get started on line a enter one for yourself so we're gonna start here line a enter one for yourself go ahead and put a 1 put one right there then we're gonna go ahead and look at line B enter one if you will file as married.

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